Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals – Preparing For Your New Certification path

The Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals is perhaps the best certification for an aspiring cloud professional who desires to work on database fronting. The certificate proves candidates’ skills and knowledge on fundamental data concepts. To be able to secure the Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals certificate, you must pass the nine-hour test that comes with … Continue Reading

Exam Az-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Devops Solutions – How to Pass and Get the Job Done

For those who are already certified and wondering about taking the next level in their careers by taking Microsoft certification, you might be asking yourself, “Should I pay someone to do Microsoft devops jobs for me?” The answer is “It depends.” In this article, I will explain what you should consider when deciding on the … Continue Reading

Tips For Your CPV Exam

Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to obtain Microsoft Certified Systems (MCS) – or Exam CPV – certification? One option that you really should look into is training and practice testing. There are plenty of companies that offer online and live training and practice exams, but what if you don’t have … Continue Reading

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