Exam 70-414 – Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure

In this third installment of my FREE eBook about how to prepare for a Certified Microsoft Project Management (CPM) examination, I have recipes for the perfect exam 70-414. In previous articles, I have provided a number of sample questions on various topics. In this article, I have expanded on those areas and explained why preparing for these types of exams is important. The typical test will cover a variety of topics in information technology (IT). You may find the questions on IT management or enterprise architecture to be familiar, but the type of questions they ask is quite different. For example, in a typical test, you are expected to answer multiple-choice questions about different technologies and application areas.

If you are preparing for these types of exams, one of the most important tools you can use is a good guide that explains the format of Microsoft Project Management (MPM) tests. There are many excellent products available. FREE eBooks are available that provide sample questions and guidelines for preparing for these exams. In this article, I have reviewed some of the favorites in the FREE eBook that I have reviewed, which provides preparation for the exam on a beginner’s level.

Exam 70-414 is the Project Server Infrastructure exam. The sample questions and answers are contained within the eBook. You must purchase the eBook in order to get access to the sample questions. Exam questions are categorized by topic. Some sample questions include “What are some typical problems IT professionals encounter during the day?” and “What are some typical solutions to common problems, IT professionals face?”

The format used by the questions in the sample tests is highly conducive to a review of the topics discussed in the Project Server Infrastructure topic area. For each section of the eBook, there is a short definition, as well as a long explanation of the information technology term used in the question. Some of the sections are also broken down into subtopics. This helps you become more familiar with the terms and definitions. As you progress through the eBook, there are additional questions that cover more depth of the topic.

The book contains a number of templates that you can easily customize to create your own PDFs. The Templates allow you to create a PDF in a specific format that is compatible with the Project Server Infrastructure testing tools. This will make it easier for you to review any of the topics covered in the eBook. The additional resources in the eBook also help you review the material as needed throughout the project.

In the section of the eBook, you find a number of practice questions and answer guides. These can be used whenever you need a quick answer to a particular test question or if you are struggling with a concept behind a concept. These question and answer guides are very similar to those found on Project Server Administration, which is one of the bestselling books about this type of hosting and support. Exam 70-414 can also use several other resources to help you review for the exam.

The Project Server Infrastructure chapter in the eBook is divided into three parts. In the first part, you learn about how to develop a basic virtual private server. Then, you gain an overview of managing a virtual private server using the Project Server console. Finally, you learn how to make use of the various features available on the Project Server to build and install your own image of the ideal hosting environment.

While most resources you find for studying for any exam, such as the Project Server Infrastructure exam, tend to focus on the theory rather than the practical, The eBook makes sure that you have plenty of practice tests along with detailed explanations of the testing process. Aside from the actual exam content, you will also find practice questions that were based on previous exams for Project Server. This means that you will have even more practice time before the actual exam day. Not only will you be prepared for the theory section, you will also be ready for multiple choice questions in the exam.

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