Exam MD-100: How to Manage Modern Desktops With Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCE) are one step closer to becoming certified! This practical and comprehensive guide is designed to help prepare for the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Exam, the most challenging exam in the industry today. This book is jam packed with tips, tricks, and tools, which mean that you will be able to get ready for your exam in no time. Best of all, this book comes free with your purchase of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer’s eBooks, so there is absolutely no reason not to buy this book now! With this guide, you will learn:

o Exam Cover – this book contains detailed exam reviews covering different facets of deploying and upgrading windows operating systems. There are eleven different topics that are covered in this book. These topics include: Applying upgrades and installing drivers, configuring network settings, customizing the Windows operating system, testing networking, understanding network security, troubleshooting, creating a workstation, and domain administration. The eBooks even comes with sample quizzes and mock exams covering different scenarios.

o Exam Associate – this book provides over thirteen hundred pages of content about the topics that were covered in the exam. The content is divided into topics that focus on different aspects of deploying and upgrading windows 10. There are also nine tutorials that provide detailed information on how to setup the different user roles, understand and troubleshoot Microsoft 365 certification exam questions, and much more. All of these tutorials and samples cover everything from installation to configuration to troubleshooting. Furthermore, the tutorials and samples in this guide cover everything from installing and managing drivers to performing and administering backups.

o Manage Modern Desktops – this eBook contains four chapters that are divided by the topics of deployment, management, maintenance, and backup. It is divided into two sections. Chapter one focuses on deploying windows 10 and contains deployment-related content including the use of imaging tools, custom settings, and other deployment features. The second section consists of topics that pertain to using custom settings to manage modern desktops including the desktop restore, cookies, start menu, and control panel.

o Manage Modern Desktops – this eBook is divided into three parts. Chapter one is about deploying windows 10 and covers using custom settings to manage modern desktops. This includes topics like custom boot images, installing device drivers, customizing desktop menus, and more. The second part has sample exams to complete before the final exam. The third and final part gives an overview of what happens during the test and provides tips and strategies for passing the test.

o Manage Modern Desktops – this eBook includes sample exams for each major topic. The topics include deployment, maintenance, and backup. These chapters contain multiple choice questions. Each chapter concludes with a practice test. These tests cover each topic in greater detail. It is not included with the exam MD-100 but can be purchased separately.

o Managing Modern Desktops – this eBook contains five chapters that are divided by topics. The first four chapters explain best practices for deploying Windows 10. They include deploying, configuring, securing, and monitoring devices. The fifth chapter explains identity and user groups and their rights. After reading this book, you will learn how to manage modern desktops. The final chapter provides information about managing productivity tasks, backups, and more.

o Managing Modern Desktops – this eBook contains six chapters that discuss deployment, managing security, configuring, managing productivity, and managing identity. The six topics describe different aspects of managing modern desktops. The topics include managing tasks, backups, permissions, scheduling, and monitor access. The final chapter provides information on managing identity and user groups.

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