ExamAz 120 Planning and Administering of Microsoft Azure for SAP Workflows – A Review

My tips and tricks on how to take the sample Exam AZ-120 and pass it with flying colors include: The first thing I did to prepare was to purchase the “practice” version of the course that is included in the online training portal. In my opinion this is a necessity if you plan on passing this Microsoft Certified System (MCS) exam. The practice version contains all three sections of the MCS: Learning Information, Reference Material and Exams. This should allow you to get comfortable with the concepts used in the real Exams and familiarize yourself with the test structure.

Next, I looked at the sample exam and analyzed which areas I understood the most. For the most part, the four sections are just the same from the real Exams so I knew that I need to know what they cover. But, I also looked at how I would memorize and apply the knowledge so I knew I need to have a solid foundation of information. This is especially true since this will be your key to passing the Exam.

Once I had gathered all the necessary resources, I took the actual Exam. Again I went through the online course as I prepared for the Exam. When I finished I reviewed the materials and completed all the practice tests. This allowed me to review all the material and get up to speed quickly on the topics covered in the course. I found that this helped me to complete the exam in the allotted time.

When I reviewed the materials for the actual az-120 test I was very nervous about my chances of success. I felt that the information presented was well organized but I did not know how to answer the questions. But I did a few practice tests and found that I did quite well. This only made it easier to study and prepare for the real course. The course does contain information on testing procedures and sample exams, so I used them as a guide.

When I started the course I started with the Learning part and worked my way through the sections. I also took a practice exam to see if I could complete it. My results were excellent. This means that I was ready to take the exam and I also had some knowledge of the course already.

Once you get through the planning and then the execution part of the course you will learn about deployment, troubleshooting and security. These are quite important topics to cover because they will help you understand how to properly use Microsoft Azure for SAP Workflows and Microsoft Business Portal. You will also get to know how to protect the data in your database and how to implement authorization for users in your company.

The last section of the exam is about the design and development of business requirements and company roadmap. Once again I did really well in this section. This means that I was ready to take the practical test. I just followed the steps outlined in the test guide and passed with flying colours. The good thing about this exam is that you only need to take one test to demonstrate that you know the material covered.

To conclude, I did really well in the planning and execution module of the exam. This was mainly because I followed the directions step by step and also implemented the tips and hints that were given. If I could do this for the other modules I would be very satisfied. My next steps will be on planning and deploying a small project using the Microsoft Business Portal. If you want to do well on the exam then you should consider taking an online course such as the one I have linked to below.

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