Getting Started With Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

Following is a list of topics covered in this latest blog: Why Microsoft Azure certifications? Microsoft Azure is globally known and acknowledged as the world’s most confident enterprise cloud provider, across all industries. This is also why there are now a multitude of opportunities to study for those who already is Microsoft Azure certified. As well as these opportunities, readers are provided with an overview of what this popular course of study involves.

Why is it important to earn Microsoft certification? Earning a certification credential is one of the best ways to prove to companies and organizations that you are truly talented and capable of delivering on the job, no matter what your previous qualifications. When you have a certification, you can present it as a resume tool, which will definitely increase your chances of landing any type of position, as well as increasing your income potential once employed. How do I pay someone to do Microsoft certification? When you study for a certification, such as Microsoft Azure fundamentals, you will be studying the material at home in your free time.

When should I start? In order to begin studying for the Microsoft certification examination, you need to understand the four steps that are involved in acquiring this credential. These four steps include understanding the learning objectives, selecting a study plan, completing study guides and testing. When you understand each of these four steps, it will be easier for you to begin your study process.

Should I consider taking a traditional classroom-based training program? One of the benefits of obtaining your Microsoft cloud certifications online is that you have an opportunity to study at your own pace. In order to successfully complete all four of the Microsoft courses, you will need to be disciplined. The downside to studying via the Internet is that many times students forget to turn in assignments. If you’re taking on this certification as your first qualification, you might want to consider attending a traditional classroom live training program to help you learn the material faster.

Should I complete the four-step sequences outlined in the Microsoft Certified Azure Primer? The four steps outlined in the primer are very simple to complete. When you get to the section where you will evaluate your progress, you will have an option to click on the appropriate exam. Once you complete this section, you will be ready to move onto the next course in the series, which is the Microsoft Cloud Services Specialist certification exam. This course will teach you the basic technical skills necessary to implement the tools and services offered by Microsoft.

Can I transfer my certificate to other Microsoft platforms? The certificate you earn from Microsoft Certified Azure Primer is transferable to other Microsoft platforms as long as you take the exam again. There are two exams required to complete this certification. The first exam is designed to test you on the technical topics included in the four Microsoft Certification Steps.

Are there other ways I can get certified? There are other options aside from taking courses and going through classroom live training. You can also get certified online by taking an accelerated training program. Accelerated courses typically incorporate video lessons and online support.

Is there an examination format for the Azure developer certification? No, there aren’t any exams required to become a Microsoft Certified Azure developer. However, to become a Microsoft Certified Desktop Solutions Designer, you will need to complete two additional exams: one that tests your knowledge of Microsoft Office products and one that test your knowledge of business process modeling. With these two certifications in hand, you can confidently pursue your goal of becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure developer! Now that you know how to get started, you should have no problem passing your certification!

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