How To Ace The 70-761 AP Exam

The third question on the exam 70-761 that I was required to answer was, “What is the difference between Microsoft certification and Microsoft certified.” This is a very common question on the exams. The first thing that I did was search the internet for some answers. I found several articles that discuss this topic.

In short the only difference between Microsoft certification is the level of training and how much work has to be done. Having Microsoft certification does not mean that you are an expert. In most cases it is the lack of experience that is counted against someone getting certified.

There was one very important piece of advice that I found in one article. It says take your time. This advice makes perfect sense if you are going to be taking any type of exam. Taking too much time doing the little stuff will make you dread the exam, taking too little time doing the major stuff and not having enough time to relax will make you dread the exam.

During my preparation I made sure that I had adequate amounts of rest. This one item might seem like a no brainer, but for me I neglected it until the last week before the exam. The last week of studying seemed to be the most important period of time. This is because when you are tired and fatigued you find yourself focusing on every little detail instead of answering the questions. I made sure that I got at least a couple of hours of sleep each night and a full night of sleeping each day to maximize my chances of passing the exam.

Another thing that I did was get plenty of rest. If you do not get the proper amount of sleep each night then you are more prone to being tired when you go to take the actual exam. Make sure that you do not forget to eat. If you do forget to eat, then you will find yourself feeling very hungry when you go to take the actual test.

The biggest and most important part of the exam was actually taking the time to study and practice. The reason that I say this is because if you do not dedicate time to studying then you are not going to be prepared when you sit down to take the real exam. I made sure that I made a game plan before I went to class each night. I also took a practice exam to make sure that I did not forget anything from my notes.

Once you have made a game plan, then you can start working on the questions that you are going to be asked. I used a notebook to mark the questions that I knew the correct answer to. You should also write down the correct answer to the questions that you do not know the answer to. Once you do this you will have them in front of you can easily look up the correct answer. Most students tend to not pay attention to the times that they give the wrong answer. This is a terrible idea and can cause you to lose points.

Another thing that I did to help myself to ace the exam was to make a list of all the questions that I could see the right answer to. This way I would not miss any of the questions out loud when I was answering them. Some of my top tips for the exam are to take a time out every few hours and review the material. Also, spend a lot of time on the problems that you do not know the answer to. These are just a few tips that you can use to really improve your chances of getting an excellent grade.

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