How to Become a Microsoft Certified Partner

Microsoft Certified professionals are experts in Microsoft technologies. These experts have completed a deep understanding and expertise of Microsoft technologies and software. They have proven their skills as professional Microsoft Certified Professionals and they possess Microsoft Gold certified certifications. If you want to become one of the Microsoft Certified Professionals, the first step you should take is to study and learn about the different Microsoft certification programs, obtain industry accepted training eBooks, attend conferences, and take online courses to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

The preparation required to pass the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals examination is not complicated and you do not need any prior experience of working with Microsoft technologies. The only prerequisite required for examination is that you must possess basic knowledge of Microsoft technologies. The basic knowledge of Microsoft technologies can be obtained by attending a course or seminar on Microsoft technologies, obtaining books and articles about Microsoft technologies, doing research using Microsoft technology websites, downloading and installing Microsoft software, and following instructions provided by Microsoft. The Microsoft Certified Professional should also have proper understanding of the Microsoft Certification Process. There are several methods of passing the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals examination.

One way to pass the exam is by taking advantage of free online Microsoft certification exams, obtainable only during examination season. Several organizations like Microsoft offers free exam preparation software and you can download the software and exam guides before you begin your study and preparations for Microsoft certification exams. You can also register for an examination through Microsoft that will refund your exam fee if you pass and receive your certificate. However, these certifications are offered only for those who have passed and received a Microsoft Certified Partner Level 2 certification, and the fee for such certifications is higher than the fee for online certification exams.

The second way to pass the test is to use Microsoft licensed training software that covers all the topics required in the examination. You can choose from Microsoft Certified Partner Level 1, Microsoft Certified Partner Level 2, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified System Administrator, Microsoft Certified System Engineer, and Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. These levels enable the Microsoft Certified Specialist (MCS) certification to be issued. Training software includes videos and text guides, making it easier for students to understand the material and prepare accordingly for the examination. Once you are ready to take the examination, you can purchase a study book and study on your own.

Another way to prepare for the exam is by consulting a Microsoft Certified Partner where you can get technical support and assistance with your Microsoft Certified Azure Technology Partner (MCP) exam preparation. Microsoft has designated specific professionals who will be available to help students prepare for the exam, thereby reducing the workload on you. If you are still unsure about which training product to use, you can ask your instructor for suggestions. There are also other resources you can find online to help you prepare.

The Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) program is an excellent choice for students preparing for the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals exam. This particular certification supports three main areas of knowledge that include: understanding and using Microsoft’s enterprise cloud platform, learning how to build hybrid solutions that combine functionality from both the on-demand and hosted Microsoft cloud computing models, and learning how to architect and create mobile, network, and Windows mobile devices that run on the Microsoft Windows Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MMS). The four topics are essential for passing the exam and receiving your Microsoft certification upon completion of the course. The MCP seal of approval signifies that the student passed the test with a score of at least level II in one of the four areas.

As previously mentioned, a good part of the certification involves learning how to architect and create solutions that integrate both on-demand and on-site Microsoft technologies. There are four main sections that will be covered during the course. First, students will need to understand the basics of Microsoft’s visual application environment (VAD), which is required to be at least version 10. Next, they will need to comprehend and implement the tools, services, and processes of Visual Studio, which includes most of the programs, tools, and languages that are included with Visual Studio. And last, students will need to demonstrate mastery over various programming and deployment tasks, including project planning, build and deployment, managing the development cycle, error handling, testing, and integration with other Microsoft technologies.

A complete list of topics for the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals examination could go on for pages. To save time, however, it is best to think of the four areas listed above and eliminate the ones you are not confident with yet. Then, put all the remaining topics into the learning portal to learn them in groups. The learning portal has an instructional guide showing you exactly how to do this. After you have completed all the exercises and tests, you will receive your Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals Certification. As a result, you will become a Microsoft Certified Partner and can launch your own practice or small business.

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