How To Become Microsoft Excel Specialist

Are you a Microsoft Office Specialist? What does it mean to be a Microsoft Office Specialist? Is it to be a Microsoft Certified Professional or a Microsoft Partner? The short answer is no, you cannot be both. There are three different certifications you can earn through Microsoft Office Specialist (MCP) training and testing.

First, the most common and lowest level Microsoft Office Specialist certification test is the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Certification (MCS). You must have at least 500 hours of work experience as an active Microsoft Office Specialist. This requires eight years of office experience. There are a few advantages to this certification test: very little chance of failing if you have not done your previous exams; you can take the certification exams again as many times as you like until you are satisfied with your performance; and once you pass the certification test, you become a Microsoft Partner. Microsoft partners are considered the best source of jobs for Microsoft Office specialists.

The second certification test is the Microsoft Certified Assistant (MCA) certification. In this test you must demonstrate you know how to use Microsoft Office programs in real world situations. If you pass this test you become a Microsoft Office Specialist (MCS) certified. This certification test has two sets of tests – one set of tests that you take personally and another set of tests that are provided to you by Microsoft.

The third set of exams required for becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist is the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certification test. You must pass this certification test before becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist. Some of the topics covered in this test include Microsoft Word training and Microsoft Excel training. These subjects are part of the curriculum for Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT). As a result, they will have already passed these Microsoft certification tests.

The fourth and last set of tests required for becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist is the Microsoft Certified Systems (MCDS) test. This test consists of nine multiple choice questions. Each of the questions is about one specific Microsoft program. You will be required to answer correctly about each program before you are allowed to pass the certification test.

The actual exams required for becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist are set by the specific company or organizations that run Microsoft Office programs. Some of the exams are offered online only and some require you to attend a seminar or training session. So make sure to check the dates ahead of time. If you are serious about becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist you should not take any chances.

You do not necessarily need to have an expert status in order to get the Microsoft certification test. You may however need to have enough experience in using Microsoft Office products in order to prepare for the test. In any case, you can save a lot of money by getting your Microsoft certification tests online. Most of the examination papers are available free of charge. So you can easily save money if you know where to look.

Remember that passing the Microsoft certification tests is no guarantee that you will land a job with Microsoft. It takes many years of experience for someone to become a Microsoft Office Specialist. However, it is a possibility. In order to get your certification test, you will have to prove that you have expertise in using Microsoft Office products. So don’t waste time.

Make sure that you study carefully before you take your certification test. You will need to devote a lot of time to studying and mastering the subject. You should be able to memorize everything you read and understand the format and layout of Microsoft Excel documents. This will enable you to pass the exam easily. You may find yourself cramming for the exam at the last minute as well.

Don’t expect to breeze through the certification tests. The test consists of eleven exams and they are not easy. You will have to really read and comprehend the questions in order to pass. There are no shortcuts, you just have to put in the hours and follow the directions carefully.

If this sounds like too much work for you, then think about becoming a Microsoft Excel specialist instead. The certification is earned by taking the exams in Excel. Once you earn the certification, you are on your way to earning a high salary in your field. Excel specialists are very valuable to big name companies who need them in their payroll. You can be an Excel specialist today and find a lot of interesting things waiting for you in the future.

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