How to Earn a Certification in MTA Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript

What is the MTA Introduction to Programming? The answer is very simple: it is a series of tutorials, guides, and videos posted on the MTA website to help Web Developers, new and seasoned alike, become familiar with the various concepts, features, and functions of various web-based applications. The first step is that of choosing a specific application from the NYC Department of Transportation’s website. This will probably involve browsing through some of the many sample screens and applications. New users are also able to request free legal documentation or informational videos which may be used as a guide for exam preparation.

The next step in the MTA Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript video series is a basic walkthrough of a web page using the MHTML language. It includes a demonstration of how to use a text box to enter data and how to create a basic form using JavaScript. It also demonstrates how to use some of the built-in controls, such as the cancel button, to modify and cancel a request.

Then, there is an option which shows a program created with a Microsoft Office application, specifically the Office Setup application. The course provides instructions on how to prepare your computer for the exam, complete necessary installations, and then how to navigate your computer’s setup environment. It also goes over how to evaluate decisions using a Microsoft Works application, as well as how to create a basic database for analyzing your records. There is also an option for users of Microsoft Word to view their Word data in Excel. Lastly, there is an option for users to download and read an example of a DOT test report and to save it to disk.

The next course in the MTA Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript series focuses on data types and how to access them from a JavaScript code. This includes an introduction to dictionaries and other data types, as well as how to manipulate these data types by using JavaScript. There are several sample data sets provided with the course, and you can select the types that you wish to examine. Of particular interest to students who may have prior experience in programming, there is also an option for students to take a mock exam.

Examining the next course in the MTA Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript series, this one focuses on writing unit tests. You will create a simple test case, define a number of independent variables, and then use JavaScript to compare the results of your two tests. This exam requires that you first create a simple office application and then use the mta-core JavaScript test runner to generate a unit test. This exam also teaches students how to use some common office applications, as well as some basic database and user interface design skills.

The final MTA Introduction to Programming using JavaScript course contains eight different sections, which span topics such as navigation and database driven design, web services, web server basics, file formats and security, web graphic design, usability, and client orientation. You will learn how to write unit tests, manipulate text and graphics, work with databases, create and manage user interfaces, and use text filters and inline styles sheets. Although the course does not focus entirely on these topics, you will demonstrate skills that will be valuable to a project manager or any type of business that utilizes any type of web application. The final exam consists of a self-test and a practical exam.

The complete MTA Introduction to Programming course is divided into four distinct parts. The first section introduces you to the concept of JavaScript, along with basic terminology and basic data types. You will learn about variable names, variable types, functions, and how to use JavaScript operators. The second section covers navigation and database design; topics include creating simple tables, forms, and databases, as well as working with links and directories.

The final part focuses on real world scenarios requiring application deployment and takes you through the process of evaluating your application’s usability and scalability. You will be shown how to use databases and their features, how to write syntax for complex applications, and how to use browser console and JavaScript console for creating and managing data types and properties. The final part will test your knowledge and teach you how to read and write syntactically correct JavaScript code. This exam includes both written and spoken instructions and can be taken at home or at the approved examination site. The entire course has been developed using the latest JavaScript language and testing technologies, along with comprehensive visual examples and explanations. If you are looking to earn a certificate in Information Systems Management, you should consider taking this test to demonstrate your skills.

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