Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Administrators – Taking Advantage of the Online Courses Available

A Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Administrator Associate is required to have a strong knowledge of Microsoft 365 products and services, including the Microsoft Office Suite. The Associate also has the ability to manage and coordinate user communications. This person is also responsible for implementing Microsoft 365 technological solutions and recommending them to the various departments within your company. When you work as an Independent Business Owner, it is likely that you would also be the leader of your own technical support team.

As a Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Administrator Associate, first you will establish the ideal Microsoft Teams tenant for your business, install it, manage it, and then troubleshoot it after it has been installed. As a Microsoft 365 Associate, you also liaise with other departments within your company to train your current users and encourage the use of Microsoft Team’s features and benefits. You are also responsible for training your technical support staff, implementing the Microsoft 365 portal, and supervising the usage of the Microsoft 365 programs and services. You can even handle the technical support aspect of Microsoft 365 training courses. When you become an Associate, the process of becoming a Microsoft Certified Team Leader is actually started by training. Once you complete this training, you can take your certification test and obtain your official certification.

There are two types of Microsoft Certified Team Leaders, one is the generalist and the other is the specialist. A Generalist is responsible for the support of their whole team; this would include support for Microsoft Office programs, SharePoint, customised browsing and email experiences, as well as customised integration experiences. If you’re planning on being a Generalist in Microsoft 365, then you must be able to understand and provide guidance for how your staff members can access each of the Microsoft 365 tools they need. With a Specialist role, your primary responsibility will be focused on training your staff, implementing the management plans within your organisation, managing your customer interactions and implementing technical support for all these tools. As with the Microsoft Licensed Specialist, your role and responsibilities do not end here!

For specialists, there are many things they can do. For example, if you want your organisation to become more proficient with SharePoint or other business-oriented sites and experiences, then you can implement training courses for your groups, as well as training for your employees using the sites and experiences. You can also implement training courses that teach your employees how to work smarter rather than harder. With this in mind, when you implement training for your groups, your employees will enjoy the experience, while at the same time, you’ll see an improvement in productivity within your organisation and increase your profits!

In order to support your associates in their role as leaders, it’s important that you develop training courses that are targeted towards your team. For example, in one of Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Administrator Associate courses, students are taught about the different sites and experiences that they can use within their group. They are also taught how to create their own websites, how to build and maintain these websites and how to effectively use the different features within each site to its best effect. Within this course, students will learn about site mapping, site navigation, page administration, content authoring and a lot more.

When looking for courses such as this one, it’s very important that you ensure that you choose a reputable and established company. This means that the course provider has the backing of Microsoft. It also means that they offer all the necessary training and tools that you might need, which include Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, SL, SharePoint, CTP and VBA. The courses are designed by experienced professionals who know what they’re doing. So you can rest assured that you’re learning from experts who really know what they’re doing.

In order to get started with your online learning, you’ll need to sign up with your chosen course provider. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have access to the online classes, tutorials and learning packs that you need. Within these packs, you’ll find all the materials that you need, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. You don’t have to worry about learning anything harder than the courses, because the learning tools provided are designed so that it makes it easy for anyone to learn without having to struggle through anything. So even if you’re a complete beginner, there is something for you in these online groups.

You can easily create groups for groups around Microsoft 365, whether you’re part of a training group, a community group or simply part of an executive training group. The online course material provided is all aimed at helping you succeed with your groups around Microsoft 365. The training courses are designed to help you increase productivity within your teams, increase profitability and lower costs. So no matter what level of Microsoft certification you hold, you can benefit from taking courses in this exciting area.

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