The Truth About the Microsoft 70 486 Certification Exam Objectives

The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCPs) has set a benchmark for software engineers and professionals with an aim to transform the IT industry. These professionals, possessing all required technical skills are called ‘Certifications’ Experts’. To become one of the MCSA certified systems engineers, one needs to earn at least a two-year Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) or Microsoft Qualified Professional (MQP). There are several options available for getting qualified as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCS)?

There are two exams that one can take to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: MCSA Intermediate Certification Exam and MCSA Ultimate Certification Exam. The MCSA Intermediate Certification Exam is intended for professionals having a two-year MCSE and who have passed the first two exams. This exam has been developed by the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Team.

MCSA Ultimate Certification Exam is designed for those professionals who possess a three-year MCSE and who have passed the third certification exam. This exam was developed by the Microsoft Institute for Security Technology. There is no prior examination requirements for this exam. It does not contain any previous or existing technology requirement for the exam. This examination requires a computer with Windows operating system. The following are the MCSA objectives and topics covered in this exam:

o Understand the scope of Microsoft MCSA Web Applications and how they relate to MCSA certification objectives. o Analyze the differences and similarities between the two technologies and the functions they perform. o Design and implement test cases to check the general functionality of the application. o Assess the security features that are included in the application and the web services that are used for them. o Create MCSA application stubs and create test harnesses that will run in the browser. o Integrate the browser into the portal and verify that all the features and functionalities are working correctly in Internet Explorer.

In order to pass this exam, you need to follow the guidelines provided by Microsoft while they create the examination. This includes answering every question that is presented to you. There is a help file that is provided with the exam which helps you in answering the questions that are posed to you. Before you proceed to the next question, you need to ensure that you understand the meaning of each word. Once you clear these areas, you are ready to proceed to the next question.

This is also an online course that is available for those who want to get their MCSA certification. To take the course, you need to pay a nominal fee of $manner. Once you have paid this fee, you can then access the course materials. You are provided with comprehensive study guides and videos, which help you understand every topic in detail. Once you complete the course successfully, you will be able to get your MCSA certification very easily.

The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with all the concepts that are associated with the web application’s certification. It starts from the implementation and development of the web projects and goes on to the real life usage of the technology and how it is applied. You will be able to comprehend all the topics in the course and understand the objectives of the exam. This course also helps you in preparing for the MCSA exam.

You should remember that all the subjects in this syllabus are related to the practical use of the technologies and their implementation and hence it is important to grasp them well. Most of the times, these courses are offered by institutions or universities. If you want to take up an online course for MCSA certification, then it is very important that you select one that has a good reputation and is recognized by many institutes and universities. The internet has made it very easy for students to research and select the right course.

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