AI 100 Designing and Implementing an AI-100

You will also do this by developing and implementing the software needed for the project. The topics in AI-001, AI-100, and AI-002 Design and Planning should all be learned and understood, so there’s no point in reviewing them again. Once you‘re done with this part, you should already have some ideas on what specific problems you need the software to be able to solve. If not, look over the rest of the topics again until you have a clear idea on what you need your software to do. This will also make it easier for you to choose the appropriate software for your project.

There are a lot of projects out there that claim that they can teach you how to effectively use the software for any type of industry. However, only a few of them will actually show you how to implement the software. That’s why it’s important for you to learn about the software before you try to implement it. Once you already know how to use the software, then you should also be familiar with how to design the software according to the project that you’re working on.

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