Exam 70-411 – Administering Windows Server 2012

Exam 70-411 administers Microsoft Certified Systems (MCS), so that IT professionals can earn the right to take the exams that qualify them for a Microsoft Certified System’s (MCSE) status. The Exam is available from MCSE Pro exams and is offered by Sybase. Sybase offers a course of study that incorporates all aspects of a comprehensive MCSE examination and tests students on four categories: Compiler, Windows Server 2008, Administrative Tools, and Programming. Sybase also offers a practice test and a detailed study guide.

Exam 70-411 is administered using a testing platform consisting of an e learning software program and a Web-based portal. During the exam, a candidate must answer a series of questions about how to implement four server deployment tasks. Those tasks are to install the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system, deploy operating system updates, create a workgroup, and configure a file server among other things. Upon successful completion of the exam, a candidate earns the necessary Microsoft certifications. On completion, the person then becomes a certified Microsoft Application Specialist (MAS).

Exam 70-411 also covers topics concerning Windows Enterprise Server 2012. This particular topic includes the implementation of policies in the corporate firewall and the configuration of the Windows DNS server. Topics include the use of virtual private servers for scalability as well as the use of domain-based routing with the use of the in-place routing policy tool. An individual also learns how to configure the security features of a network as well as the ability to create and customize access controls.

Topics from Exam 70-411 are broken down into three topics. The first topic is the use of domain controllers. This section focuses on the installation and the configuration of domain controllers. Topics include the use of the Windows DNS server, the setup of the login and password procedures, the usage of the Windows DNS server and the use of Kerberos and Keraport programs. An individual then learns about the group policy files, the local computer settings, and how to modify them using group policy editing utilities.

Topics include the use of the Windows firewall and the use of antivirus software. The second section focuses on the use of the Windows DNS server and the creation of DNS zone files. Topics include the use of the Kerberos and Keraport programs, the application of Kerberos security features, and how to configure them. The third section explains the use of the Windows DNS client and how to connect to the DNS server using an IP address and domain name.

The fourth topic is about the policies that can be set for the groups. Topics include the use of the user profile tools, the creation of custom group policies, and the deployment of group policies to the domains. The fifth topic is about the use of the Windows security features such as the Windows firewall and antivirus software. The sixth topic is about the use of the Kerberos and Keraport programs to access the DNS server and to update the DNS records. The seventh and last topic is about the use of the Windows DNS client to connect to the DNS server and to obtain its IP address.

These are just some of the topics that are covered in the course. There are many other topics that you will find useful when you learn how to use the Windows Server. If you are a beginner, you need to know that it is important that you start with the simplest policies first, and then graduate to more complicated ones. The use of the Windows DNS client can also be very complex, so it is important that you understand how it works before you start using it. You can use the help file or the online tutorials to learn about it. But there are people who prefer to use the videos and manuals, so they can follow the instructions more easily.

To prepare for the exams, it is important to study regularly. You should make a list of books and manuals that you want to read and learn. You should also keep a copy of the questions that you will be asked in the exams. It would also be better if you will record your practice tests so that you will be able to study well and also will be able to refresh your knowledge in the areas where you are weak.

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