Review Of Exam MS-900: A Look At The Important Exam Topics

Introduction. This engaging, easily-understood video series introduces you to various available cloud solutions and the considerations and points in applying Microsoft 365 virtualization technologies to your business. If you are planning to take Exam MS-900 Microsoft 365 Primer, this tutorial covers the major skills measured for learning the technologies and preparing for the exam in an orderly fashion. The video series provides you concise and reliable information about local and remote office usage, desktop management, Share Point services, Office application installation and maintenance, managing email accounts, configuring Microsoft Office applications and other processes.

Rationale. Exam MS-900 Microsoft 365 fundamentals can be learned through self-study or with the assistance of professional guidance. While studying for the exam, the logical way is usually to follow the steps explicitly outlined by Microsoft. However, some students find it difficult to learn and implement Microsoft’s formal approach to applications and so they seek the help of experts for a better understanding of concepts and skills. The availability of online training materials such as video courses, online tutoring services and live chat support make it much easier to learn and prepare. The advantage of these online resources is that they provide a realistic way of measuring skills and providing practical tips and guidelines.

Review. After learning about the logical and formal methods of Microsoft applications and how they are implemented, the next logical step is to review the sections about application deployment, end user management, network configuration, mobility, access control, data security and content delivery. It is also important to go through the rest of the video course, which includes an overview of Microsoft technologies and their roles and how they are used in practice.

Introduction. The first part of the exam MS-900 Microsoft 365 fundamentals contains an introduction to the concepts and objectives of the test, including the role of Microsoft in delivering cloud services, cloud models, Windows environment requirements, user management principles, security rules and controls, database standards, network security requirements and test procedures. It goes on to list the key topics for discussion and explanation, including: An overview of the role of Microsoft Cloud Services in the overall architecture of an organization, how Microsoft 365 simplifies enterprise software development and delivers a flexible, easy to use, extensible infrastructure, test automation scenarios and usage best practices.

Data types and objects. The second chapter of Exam MS-900 Microsoft 365 fundamentals goes into detail about the types and objects in a cloud environment. It lists the different data types, including text, table, field, number, chart, image, video, audio, link and application. Illustrative examples illustrate the usage of each data type. Then it goes on to describe the features and limitations of each type.

Security concepts. The third chapter of Exam MS-900 Microsoft 365 fundamentals introduces the security concepts that must be understood by professionals who need to understand and explain core Microsoft 365 services. It starts with an overview of how information technology happens and goes on to describe the two basic security processes for information protection. One involves ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to a data container, which consists of all of the company’s data in an offline storage structure while the other requires the physical isolation of devices within the network. It then describes how network security is enforced at the application level using policies and codes.

Privacy and compliance requirements. The fourth chapter of Exam MS-900 Microsoft 365 fundamentals describes privacy and compliance requirements. This topic discusses topics such as corporate secrets, password security, email privacy, security authentication, and asset management. The next topic explains cloud computing and its role in the Information Lifecycle Management System (ISMS). The final topic provides a brief discussion of pricing models for MS cloud services.

Licensing considerations. The fifth chapter of Exam MS-900 Microsoft 365 fundamentals describes licensing considerations for Information Lifecycle Management Software. It begins with a brief discussion of risks, security, and privacy. The next few chapters cover service design, portfolio management, and channel management. It concludes by describing core Microsoft 365 services and concepts.

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